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Isolation Play

Kyell Gold's second pre-order of the Isolation Play hardcover sold out in 2 minutes.

There will be 10 more up in 12 hours, but I'll be on a plane over the ocean in 12 hours. Not likely! Here's for hoping that SofaWolf prints more.

Goodbye, Australia Fair.

This, my very good friends, is the end. Tonight is my last night in Australia. By this time tomorrow, I'll be over the ocean and well on my way towards home.

To everyone in Australia that made my visit so amazingly terrific, there are no words to express my gratitude. There are too many of you that have been too wonderful, that no amount of words committed to paper could ever repay you for the kindness you've shown me. There's been laughter and tears, but most of all, there's been a lot of love. That always impressed me about you bunch over here in Australia, and it will stay with me for years to come.

The furs in Australia are more tight-knit and inclusive than any bunch I've ever met. I've learned so much from you. I'll never forget all the good times we had. I was thinking of making a list thanking all the furs I met, but I won't, lest I forget someone important. There's simply too many awesome people.

And to Australia...you are ten thousand times more beautiful than any author could ever write or any photographer could hope to capture in his lens. From your Blue Mountains, to your Rain forests, to your amazing Great Barrier Reef, every inch of Australia that I saw was brimming with life. I'll always be grateful for the time I spent sitting, watching, hiking, swimming, and diving through your landscapes. I think one could spend an entire lifetime journeying through Australia and not see everything worth seeing.

So goodbye, Sydney. Goodbye, All you awesome OzFurs.

In joyful strains then let me sing, Advance Australia fair.

Cub Art and Censorship

I'll preface this by saying that I am actually a fan of cub art. Not sure if I'd ever draw it or write it, but I certainly don't mind it when it comes around. I'm a big fan of artists such as WolfBlade and SparkleMotion, and I love the writing of WhyteYote on the topic. So take that for what it's worth.

I'm immensely disappointed in Dragoneer and the FA staff for the recent decision to ban cub art from FA. Not only is this a move to suffocate a host of vibrant artists, but this is a personal attack on the personal freedoms of everyone that participates in any way in the furry fandom. I personally feel my right to free speech and the right of free speech of many of the artists on FA has been forcibly robbed from them. This is undoubtedly the wrong course of action for Dragoneer and FA to have taken.

Let me state off the bat that I very much respect Dragoneer and FurAffinity for what they do. They've created a place which has inspired a generation of artists to create and share fantastic works of creativity and ingenuity with thousands upon thousands of furs. FurAffinity has helped thousands of new furs discover the fandom and discover themselves. It is a cherished resource for furs, and we should (and do) hold it in high esteem for this reason.

And that makes this all the more saddening, that a place that was meant to be a home for people that didn't fit it elsewhere is now becoming exclusive to only the ones that "fly right". We've now hung a sign on the door of furry that says "We don't take your kind here". It frightens me that the direction furry seems to be going may not be a place that we want to be.

Dragoneer stated on the FA forums that the reason for this decision is that AlertPay, an online payment service similar to paypal, has refused to render services to FA because they host cub porn. Dragoneer has said that FA's advertisement system depends on AlertPay to function, and therefore FA cannot afford to display cub porn. I frankly don't buy that. AlertPay seems to work well at what it does, but it is just one payment service. There are other means of acquiring payment from users wishing to post ads. If AlertPay is wishing to censor the internet, then they are harboring prejudice which has no place in the furry fandom. I would suggest all furs cease using alertpay. There are many other services on the internet that provide similar amenities, and I'm certain some of those services don't have a history of trying to control the internet through refusing to render service.

I still cannot believe, especially in a fandom so open towards gays and bisexuals, would be so stifling towards any persons sexuality. There are people in this fandom that with one breath will scold our government for withholding crucial personal rights to gays and lesbians, and with the next breath turn around and scold cub-artists for posting their works. Face it, we cannot control what we are sexually attracted to. The fact that anyone, MOST ESPECIALLY FURRIES, would ever try to judge someone based on something they cannot control really blows my mind. I do not believe that anything that people can enjoy consensually without harming anyone should be judged or outlawed. What gives you a boner is not something that you can choose.

And let us remember that cub art is NOT illegal. This is FANTASY. If people were drawing pictures of human kids in realistic situations, my sentiments might differ, and I'd also say that I'd be completely disinterested in such art. The fact that it's furry, and as such FANTASY, is really what makes it worth looking at in the first place. We're all into weird fantasies here in the furry fandom. I don't judge you because you like herms, or women with 12 breasts, or inflation, or macro, or micro, or vore, NONE OF WHICH I personally like. Don't judge me because I like cub porn.

And if your a furry, you should be worried about this growing trend on the internet of people starting which hunts, hunting for the next BUZZTOPIC. In the 80s it was Mapplethorpe and his picures of "LE GASP" gay people having sex! How fucking terrible! Censorship was a bad idea then, and it's a bad idea now. Remember Censorship is a gateway drug. Once one thing becomes censored for the good of mankind, it sets a precedent for the future. The next time something is seen as a threat to the common good, it can be wiped clean from the internet, made illegal. Don't be too sure that one day in the future that Furry itself is seen to be something that is a threat to young people. Today it's cubs. Tomorrow it's beastiality, and from there it's an easy jump to censor furry in its entirety.

I feel this is a sad day for the furry fandom. I will continue to speak out against censorship in all it's forms, as I feel it's the biggest threat to personal freedom across the globe. The internet has been a tremendous force for knowledge and independence for everyone on earth. If we want it to stay that way, it must remain uninhibited. So yes, FA should have cub porn. This was a poor decision, and I think that we'll be regretting it down the line.

To anyone else who supports art in all it's forms, I'd recommend also following artists on websites such as SoFurry and InkBunny, as well as the artists on FA. I will be writing notes to as many artists as I can that I know draw cub art, and telling them that I still appreciate their art and hope they will continue making it.

For anyone that would like to have an intelligent adult discussion, please feel free to note me or comment below, I would enjoy discussing the matter with you.

The First of 1000 goodbyes

My time in Australia is rapidly drawing to a close. I was very poignantly reminded of that this evening, as my friend tehwusky's Lan party drew to a close. There were quite a few people here that I will likely not see again before I leave.

The problem with spending 7 months on the opposite side of the planet from home is that you meet so many amazing people, and then you have to go. I hope to come out this way again, but I quite honestly couldn't say when.

I wish I could describe in words the kind of tearing I will feel leaving here. Australia has become a home away from home to me. And as much as I miss my home desperately and can't wait to return there...I don't want to leave what I have here either.

I am certain I will say it again, but to all the OzFurs, you are a truly amazing group of people. It was amazing meeting the lot of you, and I cannot wait to return to visit you again, though I cannot say when that will be.

Just 3 weeks to go until I return home.

NaNoWriMo, Day #1

NaNoWriMo has begun!

So, two years of tossing around a story idea and never really writing it down, and hours of listening to kyellgold and kmhirosaki talk about writing in their podcast Unsheathed on my long Sydney train rides, and it's all come down to this moment. I've started writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month.

So I've pretty much decided that for every day I finish my word quota successfully I get to get on LJ and gloat! That's my proverbial cookie for doing good. :P

Anyway, for those of you who are interested you can check out my NaNoWriMo page here. I've just concluded my first day, and and now for my word count. Drum roll please!

4332 words!

At the end of my first day and I've finished my first and second day quotas and I'm into my third! Just, whenever I have the opportunity, I'd like to try to write more than my daily quota. Because I know me, and I know there are days that it's just not going to get done for whatever reason.

Well, so far, I'm really pleased with myself. I had a lot of fun writing today. I'm trying a really new tactic for me for this November, in that I've not outlined this story. I've got some scene notes and I've got some brief character outlines, but I've not outlined this story. This is the first time ever. And it's a really really different way of thinking. Like I've just finished a scene and I'm trying to play ahead in my mind and think to myself. "Okay, I know everything that happens between characters between scenes, but when's the next thing that happens that I really care about" And then a jump ahead to that part, and write that scene. It's a lot more free form, but I can see why it's a successful way to write a story. Because only the parts that the writer finds interesting enough to write make it on paper, and those are generally the parts that the reader wants to read.

Anyway! It is late, and I must go to bed. Got finals, and more writing to finish tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone in NaNo this year!

Follow my wordpress blog!

Hey everyone!

I know I've got at least a few friends on here that follow me, and might be interested in what I'm doing in Australia! But I've started posting to a new blog that I have my family follow while I'm here in Australia.

Rather than copy over each post (with pictures and video and all) I'll probably just hop on here and post a link to my other blog and inform you all that I posted a blog!

I would remind everyone that that's a blog for my family to follow, and while my immediate family knows I'm furry and is okay with it, my extended family is not. So I will not approve any comment that has furry stuff in it!

Anyway, I do hope you all read the stuff I write!

Everyone, click HERE to read my blog! And you can subscribe it to your email by following the link at the bottom at well!

Goodnight and Good Luck

Just turned off my lights in my room in the basement. I don’t think anyone’s gonna be down there for awhile. I still need to go around and say my farewells to all of my pets. I’m certain the cats will appreciate the empty bed in the basement, but I’m really hoping Lady’s going to be okay without me. I don’t think anyone would argue that she’s my dog, and my family is being very gracious in taking care of her while I’m gone. I will miss each cat (Even the mean little Billie) so very much, and I know I’ll miss sleeping in the same room with Lady-Dog.

I got stuck last time but I can’t imagine that I’m not gonna make it this time. So for all my friends in America: Goodbye, until we meet again. But to each cat and dog (and person!), I tell you not to worry because I’ll be back. And I’m sure after it’s all over, it won’t feel like I was gone all that long at all.

I wish everyone the best here in the states. Australia here I come!

Just for those who follow my journal, I wanted to let you know I'll be posting on a new blog I made just for the trip. You can find that blog at tjfrey.wordpress.com

Also, follow me on twitter! My user name is tomjfrey or http://twitter.com/tomjfrey

See you all in Australia!

So, just returned from the opening night of Dreamworks' new picture: How to Train your Dragon.

Off the bat, I should say a few things: I have never read the book, so I am not in a position to say how closely it mirrored the book. (Though, I've heard that just from the trailer, fans of the book were already complaining that Dreamworks changed a lot) Also I'm very proud to say I did NOT see the picture in 3d. Those things annoy me, I saw it in good old fashioned wide-format flat.

Personally, I enjoyed the heck out of the film. I think it was designed specifically for furries. It's pretty light on plot, but extra heavy on D'AWWWW moments, which is what we probably all came for. I will come out and say that in places, the dialogue gets pretty bad, and there's a few writers' cop-outs, but compared to some films (cough-eragon-cough) they really didn't bother me all that badly.

The quality of the voice acting was great, Dreamworks allocating several native voices to the cause, namely Craig Ferguson and Gerrard Butler. I had heard a lot of jokes about Craig Ferguson being a poor choice at voice actor, but he was actually probably the best one in there. A lot of the younger voices did okay as well.

The character design was good. I think Dreamworks did a fairly good job creating dragons that didn't look anything like cliche ones you've seen 3d rendered before. I do have to say that Toothless was by far the best and most original. But I'm okay with that, because he's the one we all came to see. It was amazing how they took a very geometrically simplistic character design and made him wonderfully expressive. Furry artists out there, if you've ever drawn cats, you need to go watch the film and look at how the artists used Toothless's eyes to portray emotion.

The special effects were pretty cool, even if a lot of them are placed obviously, they were pretty enough I didn't care. I was enjoying watching.

I do have to say, I probably will go see the movie in IMAX 3d. It's short enough that I don't think the 3d-ness will get to be as bad as it did in Avatar (which gave me such a bad headache I had to leave the theater).

I do want to warn folks that are going the IMAX route, careful that you don't get motion sick! Lots of flying scenes (no surprise) which are pretty to look at... but there were a few moments that even without IMAX and without 3d still made my stomach turn.

All in all, really good film, really cute dragon, and a fun story. I'll probably be returning to see it again. :)


I originally bummed these icons off of screenshots from one of my favorite webcomics, "Tales of the Questor". Which, still, is one of my favorite webcomics to date. But now that I'm more involved in the furry fandom, I need to either make my own or commission some from an artist.

Those who know me as a folf probably get very confused when they see a picture of a raccoon!

Mar. 20th, 2010

This is a meme that you're supposed to post int your journal and let other people repost in your comments. But I think I'd like to fill it out so we can compare answers! Anyone who reads my journal, feel free to copy-paste into a comment or post in your own journal.

Sorry to all my friends, I am a self-professed meme junkie!

Read all my silly answers!Collapse )

Hope you'll all read and respond!